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Aterm offers professional thermovision services and energy audits

Kamera termowizyjnaWe're an engineer company with long-standing experience in thermovision, realization of Energy Performance Certificates, electric measurement, planning grids and electric wiring systems. We cooperate with design engineers, construction managers, energetic consultants. Our offer is aimed at firms, industrial plants and individual clients. Choosing our company you have a guarantee that all services will be realized by professionals with long-standing experience in thermovision and energetic measurements.

We use professional equipment made by renowed manufacturers such as:
- SONEL (Multifunction Electrical Installations Meter / MPI-520)
- FLIR (FLIR I60 Infrared Camera with Fusion Technology with Bluetooth Trans)

Our recent Clients:

Współpracowaliśmy m.in. z: PHU Eltron, Instal Białystok S.A., Spółdzielnia mieszkaniowa Słoneczny Stok, Spółdzielnia mieszkaniowa w Kleosinie, Spółdzielnia mieszkaniowa ‘Malutka”, Agmar Budownictwo, Anatex Sp. z o.o. , Białowieski Park Narodowy, Agencja Bezpieczeństwa Wewnętrznego delegatura Białystok, Merx Sp. z o.o., PPUH Rodex Sp. z o.o., SMP Poland Sp. z o.o.


Thermovision in industry

noninvasional investigation of thermal insulation, checking patency of pipe screens and steam overheaters, technical status estimation of electrofilters and smoke-stacks, estimation of thermal decomposition on transformators

Thermovision in real estate

localization of thermal bridges, quality estimation of floor heating, route projection of water heating, central heating, floor heating grid, Energy Performance Certificate

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