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Thermovision in industry

Thermovision in industry helps to locate faulty elements and machines which requires fixing. Fixing mechanisms in machines leads to high costs of turning them off for long hours. Thermovision investigation can be performed without switching off the machine. It helps companies to save money and time and ensures that everything is running fine with 100%. Thermovision investigation can be used also to protect employees from accidents. Measurements are used for detection "hot spots" - overheated places of mechanical, electrical, hydraulic or steam-powered elements.

Aterm specializes in:
- thermovision investigation of electrical installation and machines, transmission lines, pipes etc.
- investigation of insulation condition of pipelines and thermal transmission lines, detecting holes and leakages
- investigation of cold stores, refrigerators, warehouses with cooling installation
- diagnostics in production lines and technological processes, locating faulty parts in machines

It is important to carry out the investigation periodically to have units and equipment under permanent surveillance.

Sample thermograms


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