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Thermovision in power industry

Thermovision investigation can easily and fast determine failures in heat pipelines and power transmission lines, pipes blockages or leakages. The right level of temperature in machinery allows them running with high performance and safetyness of transmitted energy to Clients.

The application of themrovision does not require switching off the entire power line for searching of faulty parts with no disruption in technological process.

We offer:
- Noninvasional investigation of thermal insulation in energetic boilers, turbines, pipelines, generators.
- Checking patency of pipe screens, steam overheaters, exchangers.
- Technical status estimation of electrofilters, smoke-stacks
- Estimation of thermal decomposition on transformators, in switch-rooms, transport grids, on machines (engines, bearings, gear transmissions, clutches etc.).

Regular thermovision measurements can lower your company costs and minimalises fire risk.

Sample thermograms


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