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Thermovision in real estate

We give you an oppurtunity to measure your building in thermovision. Thanks to this measurement, you'll be able to see irregularities and defects in building thermal insulation. As a result you can easily eliminate them and save money on heating. After several years of research in Wrocław University of Technology made a statement that thermographic buliding measurements should be required with investor's building commissioning. Not only with new buildings, but with renovated and modernized old ones too.

With thermovision investigation::
- you have an oppurtunity to check the building condition before purchase,
- you will get to know the thermoinsulation condition of your house, status of your water heater and central heating, floor heating and eventually make a decision about renovation,
- you will be able to check the quality of made renovation and insulation of your house,

Example range of thermovision investigation in building industry:
- localization of thermal bridges - places of missing thermal insulation,
- determination of wall areas with low thermal properties, 
- quality estimation of running gravitational and mechanical ventilation,
- quality estimation of floor heating,
- route projection of water heating, central heating, floor heating grid and mains
- localization of escape places in water heating and central heating

We performthermovision investigation for insurance companies.

Prices are established after inspection of the building.

Sample thermograms which shows thermal bridges and irregularities in thermal of building insulation.




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